Friday, June 10, 2011

$10 terrariums

Come check out my terrariums at the rose bowl flea market this sunday

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  1. So, I've spent the last few weeks scrupulously examining terrariums after seeing a special about them on the CBS Sunday Morning Show because after watching that, I decided I absolutely must make one. But, as expansive as the world wide web is, I've admittedly found the vast majority of examples I've looked at online to be, well, a tad bit underwhelming. That is, until I found your blog here. I've looked through all of your posts in wonderment, and I figured I owe you the courtesy to comment - you truly have a magnificent eye, and your creations are such magical and yet completely believable little worlds. Thank you for providing such lovely inspiration, and I hope you're able to make a little business for yourself at the flea markets you attend. Best wishes!