Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New planted Terrarium

put this cool sleeping horse
it looks like I encapsuled a scene out of nature

found this cool vase and I decided to make a plant terrarium

has some cool ferns and other plants i have in my other terrariums that are growing like mad

put a squ

Friday, December 23, 2011

bunny rabbit terrarium

modern totoro Bonsai

I have had a idea for awhile to make some sort of modern bonsai. Here is one of my first experiments I like the wood pot it gives it a very earthy modern style. I think I am obsessed with making these little landscapes with totoro in them, I think my next project is to make a really big miniature landscape.

chem mushroom terrarium

I love these chemical beekers as terrariums, they are a little hard to work with but it looks so cool.

a family of ducks in a terrarium

Made a Duck terrarium and I am trying to incorporate more plants in my terrariums,

these plants do grow very easily and do require trimming every month but that is the fun of it

new terrariums on etsy

I have been very busy at work and I have been on vacation. I have been flooded with special orders. I should have made more terrariums for christmas. Well I finally had some spare time to make some new terrariums.

Friday, December 9, 2011

gnomes rock

I traveled the world today well at legoland

mo legoland with gnomey

I wish I had more time to travel and take pics with my traveling gnome but legoland will have to do

It was so cool taking thes

My gnomey is back and we went to legoland

got reunited with my gnomey

I have been searching high and low for another gnome since I have lost mine hiking

well finally got one and shot some magical pictures at legoland

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

jelly fish

i have such a tough time taking pictures at aquariums but love going to monterey to take pics of the jelly fish

its like living art I wish I could make a jelly aquarium

they are also expanding the

exhibit in march of 2012 so check it out

monterey bay aquarium

Went to monterey bay aquarium today and it was just as good as the first time I went. The open sea tank is the best. I would definitely check out the feeding at
11 everyday its worth it.

Monday, December 5, 2011

big sur

so awesome but I also came up here to see moss but there isnt much moss. boooooooooo I guess i have to go to washington to get moss overload

so many places to sight see

awesome places I stopped by on the way to big sur so beautiful

so many places to look at

elephant seals on the way to big sur

decided to go for a road trip

to big sur and on the way we stopped to see some elephant seals

They were all sleeping and flipping dirt on themselves I think the sand works as a blanket

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

moss obsessed

So happy that the moss is growing back. its so cool how fast it grows

I wish I could grow it in my yard like that. I want moss everywhere

8 mile hike

went on a beautiful 8 mile hike to spruce grove today

it was my first time but it surprises me how I have been to chantry flats a thousand times and I still love it.

hiking with tyke and monte