Tuesday, July 26, 2011

monkey butt at the zoo

My first love is terrariums but animals are another one of my loves

i go to the zoo in every state i have been in and the interaction today with the bonobo's today was truly amazing

he may not speek but he can show you his asshole

tortioses at the san diego zoo

went to the san diego zoo and i saw some cool tortoises today

a lady was petting the turtle with her map and he seemed to like it

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

DomO TeRrArium

giRl PlAYing in A TerrariuM

I love this terrarium because the little girl looks like she is just having so much fun like it is frozen in time

new TerrArIUMS I made today

after my lovely hike I decided to make some new terrariums for etsy. I love the pair of deers I put in this terrarium. it really gives it scale

went for a great hike today

it was a perfect but wierd hiking day

we started off seeing a snake which we should have taken as sign of something to come.

we hiked to hermit falls and I decided to go for a swim which was so cold but the water felt so crisp so clean. Then on the hike back we ran into a naked hiker. shoes back pack hat and sunglasses just missing the rest of the clothes.